Stepping into the New/Now

Recently I saw an image that had a small circle on one side labeled “Your comfort zone.” On the far other side was a dot labeled, “Where magic happens.”

Stepping outside of our comfort zone can be one of the scariest things we do, but also one of the most rewarding.

I know this intimately because I’m doing this right now and wow, is it scary and exhilarating!

I have been developing my new website, creating and leading more workshops, and designing a comprehensive offering that integrates wisdom and tools from my various trainings and life experiences.

The feedback I have received so far is exciting and encouraging. Allowing myself to create and share beyond my previous comfort zones is creating possibilities I never could have previously imagined!

Check out my upcoming workshop offerings below, including the full scholarship evening, “Three Secrets for Everyday Sexy” and the 4-hour afternoon “Pleasure Yoga for Women.” Will you please consider joining us and/or sharing them with others? While both of these events are designed for only women, don’t worry! I will be offering more opportunities for men and women, individuals and couples very soon!

If you are curious about sharing a conversation to help you step out of your comfort zone and in to where magic happens, please click “reply” to this email and send me a note.

Thank you, friends and loved ones, for being on this ride called life with me!

Wishing you Wellness, Love, and Intimacy,


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