When to Act

A small group of people huddled nervously around the flaming artwork.

Allow me to back track: There were about 70 people total, flowing around the outdoor venue, and naturally pooling into different pockets of appreciation for separate artistic installations. Some pieces were on fire, some were not. Others were participatory experiences.

This was the night I would really discover what “participatory” means. Continue reading


Love Loot: Save 64% !

Love LootBefore I work with an “email deals” company, I am delighted to offer you – a member of my community – a super special springtime opportunity!

I usually charge $125 per one-hour session. Until Friday, April 20th, I am offering Love Loot. Love Loot is an opportunity to prepay/advance purchase time with me at a significantly reduced price…$45 per session! That is a 64% sale! Continue reading

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4 Unnecessary Mistakes

4 Unnecessary Mistakes Men Make with Women
& How to Avoid Them

(the mistakes, not the women)

Attention Men:

Have you ever been confused about why she wasn’t interested in you or weren’t sure why things suddenly took a bad left turn?

Are there some women you think are “out of your reach,” but then you are baffled about the guys you see them with?

I get it. Women are complex creatures… Especially when it comes to attraction! Continue reading

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Pleasure Yoga for Women

Do you ever have a nagging feeling like you could be experiencing more pleasure in your sensual life?

Do you ever feel like you are sleepwalking through life, and you want the power to wake yourself up?


In this 4 hour workshop you will:

  • Gain yogic tools to increase connection and fulfillment in your intimate relationships (even if you are already at one hundred percent!)
  • Discover 12 powerful principles to help you feel more pleasure 
  • Learn how to activate and inspire genuine turn on
  • Build confidence in your sensual expression

Continue reading

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April Everyday Sexy

Click here to RSVP now!

Ever notice how some women, (no matter their size, appearance, state of dress, the occasion, etc.) just radiate sexuality?  Perhaps it is natural, or perhaps, they attended one of Marna Schwartz’s classes on “Three Secrets to Everyday Sexy.”
– Kelly Patterson, SF Examiner

Attention Ladies:

Do you ever feel uncomfortable, silly, or embarrassed when you try to express yourself sensually? Are you sometimes just confused about HOW to do all of that? Continue reading

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Liberation & Resurrection

Happy Springtime holidays, friends! Happy Passover, Easter, rainy season, or whatever you observe!

I celebrate Passover. For those who may not know, the holiday is about retelling the story of the Jews’ exodus from Egypt, and commemorating the journey from Slavery into Freedom.

In these modern times and this Western culture, most of us (thankfully!) don’t navigate literal slavery. It is all too easy, however, to feel enslaved by our past. Events and traumas from our personal history, along with whatever patterns and defenses we may have developed, sometimes hold us back from having the exact thing we want most. Continue reading

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Stepping into the New/Now

Recently I saw an image that had a small circle on one side labeled “Your comfort zone.” On the far other side was a dot labeled, “Where magic happens.”

Stepping outside of our comfort zone can be one of the scariest things we do, but also one of the most rewarding.

I know this intimately because I’m doing this right now and wow, is it scary and exhilarating!
Continue reading

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Happy NOT Valentine’s Day!

As a child in school, I was only aware that Valentine’s Day was a day where there were cards passed around; and it meant something if you received one.  And it meant something if you didn’t. Continue reading

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